Company Members

Founder – Artistic Director
Member of AEA, SAG
About Kris

“With Inside Broadway, Kris acts as a classroom Teaching Artist and curriculum developer. She is always creative, resourceful, responsible and organized. As a theater educator, Kris is amazingly talented and effective. She developed and implemented a “pilot” theater and math program at P.S. 346 in Brooklyn. It’s been such an incredible success that this program was expanded to from a three-week project to a 14-week endeavor. Kris is dedicated, multi-talented, hard working and an absolute pleasure to work with.”
~ Martha Sorrentino ~
Program Director
Inside Broadway
“Kris has worked with City Lights Youth Theatre in several capacities. She served as an on-site teaching artist in many different schools across the five boroughs, as a creative drama teacher in the Core Studio program and as an assistant director/fight choreographer in our many productions. In all of these areas, Kris has demonstrated expertise, creativity, an impeccable sense of responsibility and excellent interpersonal skills. She brims with delightfully imaginative and resourceful ideas to engage her students. A dedicated and talented artist!”
~ Michelle Ebert ~
Education Director
City Lights Youth Theater

Joannie MacKenzie
Resident Director, Actress
Member of AEA, SAG, AFTRA

About Joannie

“Joannie Mackenzie can act, and boy, can she teach it. Joannie brings both joy and enthusiasm to the learning and doing of the craft of acting. If you want to be a professional actor, she will remind you of why you wanted to act in the first place. If you don’t want to act for a living, Joannie’s methods can still bring you to places of self-discovery, spontaneity and glee…

Joannie teaches not thru judgment but through encouragement. I can honestly say that the most fun I have in my week is one of Joannie’s classes..”
~ Joe Rubenstein ~
Graphic Artist and Inker

Shelley Ray
Resident Actress
Member of AEA, AFTRA

About Shelley

“Shelley Ray is radiant on stage. Her bright presence, her seemingly instinctive humor, and the disarming ease with which she inhabits her roles always add an extra element of joy to any production she is in.”
~ Edward Einhorn ~
Untitled Theater Company #61


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