What are the best Straight Talk Plans?

Straight Talk gives you top-rated, unlimited service plans that you will never regret. This article gives you a list and a description of all Straight Talk service plans. These plans include monthly, three months, six months and a whole year plan. These plans are discussed below.

Monthly unlimited plans
There are three major monthly plans. First is the $30 dollar unlimited monthly plan. This plan gives you 1000 minutes to call any carrier nationally, 30 MB data bundles for mobile web access, and 1000 texts or picture messages all the month round. Finally, the plan gives you an auto-refill option. This is all you need for a basic connection and a subscription for a straight talk service.


The second plan that you can consider is a $45 monthly plan. This allows you to make unlimited national wide calls, send messages throughout the month without limits, access the mobile web without limits and call 411 as much as you like. Like the previous plan, it also gives an auto-refill option for your service.

The third monthly unlimited subscription is a $60 plan. This plan enables you to make unlimited national and international calls, and send messages without limits nationwide. Enjoy unlimited mobile web access and calls to 411. They line out a process for folding in a deal into your plan which can help you save even more.

Three-month plan

Straight talk also has a three-month subscription plan. This subscription allows you to make unlimited nationwide calls, and offers unlimited text messaging, unlimited mobile web access, unlimited calls to 411 and lastly an auto-refill option. This is all possible for three months for a service charge of $130 only.

Six-month plan

A half-year subscription is also available at $255. For six months, you will be able to make unlimited calls, enjoy text or picture messaging without limits, enjoy unlimited access to the mobile web and also make unlimited calls to 411.

One-year Straight Talk plan

With $495 you can get a whole year subscription where you have unlimited national access to calls, text and picture messaging, mobile web access, calls to 411 and an auto-refill option.

Finally, Straight Talk has launched a new plan, the $10 global card. This card allows you to make all international calls and you can also combine it with other service plans at very competitive rates.

In conclusion, there are a number of Straight Talk plans that you can choose from. All you need to do is identify the service plan that meets your needs and is affordable to you.